Below you will find the beers we have to offer!

This style is our backbone. We won’t have one, two, or three IPAs; we will have a steady stream of rotating hoppy goodness of all colors, gravities, and IBUs. Look for a new IPA being released every week! The focus of these beers will be on hops, not balance, always being served fresh, and only available on draft.

Citrus, Piney, Floral… DANK!!

Huge Imperial Stouts, Wee Heavies, Barley Wines, Porters and some other fun creations, of which a percentage will be getting the barrel aged treatment. These beers will be served on draft as well as packaged into 750ml bottles for distribution and nationwide shipping.

Complexity, mouthfeel, boozy, delicious!

Tart creations of all different varieties, gravities, and aging methods. Using local Virginia Winery barrels to infuse complementing flavors and fruit additions. Available on draft locally and packaged into 750ml bottles for distribution and nationwide shipping.

Tart, Funky, Fruity… Pucker up!


What's Ocelot all about?

Craft beer is a passion, an obsession and a journey. This journey has opened our eyes (and taste buds) to some of the finest examples of beer this planet has to offer. Our tastes and expectations have forever changed, and so have our methods of enjoyment. From beer trades, to home brewing, to attending release parties and festivals one thing became clear… We rarely drink the same beer over and over again, and we love to share.

Our IPAs will be constantly revolving depending on inspiration, hop variety, availability, and season. We will make everything from low gravity Sessions, to Regulars, Doubles, Triples and even a San Diego Pale Ale or two. We will make sure these styles are released, distributed, and tapped… FRESH!

We like big beers and we cannot lie! From the biggest Russian Imperial Stouts aged in spirit barrels to malty Double Reds, Smooth Porters, and velvety Wee Heavies, we just can’t get enough of these complex beauties. Thick mouthfeel, high gravity, and rich flavors suitable for aging to be shared with family and friends. Crack one open to celebrate a special occasion, or just because its a Tuesday.

Mouth puckering sour ales is another style which we adore. One which we hoard, savor, and curse for not being more readily available. Using wine barrels from local Virginia Wineries we will age some carefully crafted super tart ales, blending them when needed and using fruits for character. Once the bugs catch up to our pipeline, expect a new sour to be released every month.

At Ocelot, we love two things… Beer and Music!

We believe in inspiration. It can come in many forms and varies from person to person. For us, music has always been our inspiration. Music has been the soundtrack to our lives and has in one way or another crafted every decision we’ve made. We aim to create and dedicate our beers to the music that has inspired our journey through life.

Ocelot Brewing Company is a reflection of us, our styles, and our habits. From chasing freshies to cellaring whales and everything in between. We will craft many different beers in small batches. We brew beer we want to drink when we want to drink it. Come by and visit, listen to some tunes, grab a pint, fill a growler, and join us on this adventure.


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